What we do

Lyme Disease UK is a UK registered charity providing patient support and raising awareness of Lyme disease.

Our mission is to prevent cases of Lyme disease by raising awareness of the importance of tick bite prevention and what to do if you are bitten by a tick.

We want to ensure that anyone in the UK who does contract the disease can access timely and appropriate treatment to prevent long-term symptoms and complications from the infection.  We will achieve this by working to ensure that:

  • Every UK household is aware of the risk of tick bites and Lyme disease and understands prevention methods and symptoms to look for.
  • All front line medical staff in the UK are aware of Lyme disease and at least one doctor in each team has completed the RCGP online course on Lyme disease.
  • We provide support and knowledge to every single UK resident who is infected in 2024 as well as continuing to provide support to those already suffering with Lyme disease.

“The most inspiring aspect of Lyme Disease UK is the coming together of some of the sickest people in the world and their loved ones in order to support each other, to build friendships, to devote time to raising awareness, to give patients a voice and to foster hope in the face of so much suffering, adversity and prejudice.” Natasha Metcalf, Chair, LDUK

Our Story      

Lyme Disease UK was founded in 2013 by Lyme patients Louise Dean and Natasha Metcalf. They both struggled with a lack of support and available information at the time of their diagnoses and recognised the need for a UK based support network to help patients navigate their way through the complexities and controversies surrounding Lyme disease and associated illnesses. Louise and Natasha ran an online community on Facebook together for three years before expanding the team.

Co-founders Natasha Metcalf and Louise Dean

Co-founders Natasha Metcalf and Louise Dean back in the early days of LDUK.

LDUK is a stakeholder in the NICE Lyme disease guideline and we participated in the Independent Government Reviews on Lyme disease. Many of our group members campaign hard throughout the year to raise awareness of Lyme disease and fundraise for a better future. We attend events and conferences and in May 2017, we launched our first national Wake Up to Lyme campaign, sending out awareness packs all over the country so that our literature could be displayed in GP surgeries, vet clinics, pharmacies, libraries, schools and recreational areas. This is now a large annual campaign with far reaching impact on and offline.

In 2019, we registered LDUK as a charity as donation levels from supporters exceeded the threshold of £5,000. We are a small charity with ambitious aspirations as we continue to grow with a dedicated team of volunteers and freelancers.

We feel privileged to have the support from the Lyme patient community to continue to support patients and people who are concerned that they may have contracted the disease and prevent further infections of Lyme disease in the UK.

Since Lyme Disease UK was founded in 2013, many charity projects have been undertaken to help advance awareness, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease in the UK. We have delivered an annual Wake Up to Lyme awareness campaign, developed resources for patients and medical professionals, attended and exhibited at conferences, taken part in the NICE Lyme disease guideline formation, MP meetings and many other activities.

To discover more about our Lyme disease activism since 2013 visit our charity projects page.