Online Support

Social Media

For online support, you can find our Online Community on Facebook. We have a very popular public facing page which you might like to follow for Lyme disease related news and information. Find it at You are welcome to reach out to us with a direct message to the public page and it will be picked up by a member of the LDUK team. If you’re on Twitter, follow us @UKLyme for more interactions. We’re on Instagram too!

In addition to our public facing social media channels, we have a closed Facebook group, the LDUK Online Community. As the group is private, only members can see the posts and comments. It’s a very welcoming place with plenty of support and friendship.

“I can’t remember how I found LDUK, but it has been a godsend. I was feeling lost, lonely and isolated, and suddenly I was in touch with a group of friendly, caring and informed people. A truly amazing group of people.” – Linda, member of the LDUK Online Community.


Along with our social media support, Lyme Disease UK produces a free monthly newsletter, packed with information on events, local group meets, Lyme disease in the media and campaigning news. It also features patient stories, and news about fundraising and group achievements.


*Please note that views expressed in our Online Community are not those of the registered charity, Lyme Disease UK.