Corporate Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in corporate fundraising!

Your company could make a big difference to a small charity like Lyme Disease UK! Fundraising can have a great impact, and together we can help to raise awareness! We do not receive financial support from the government, so we are reliant on donations from the general public.

How our charity makes a difference

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection predominantly caused by the bite of an infected tick. We aim to prevent more people from being bitten and help acute cases to be treated promptly. We do this by raising awareness of tick bite prevention methods, and giving advice on what to do if you are bitten or have symptoms following a bite. Left undiagnosed and untreated, Lyme disease can be a debilitating condition (many symptoms are similar to long COVID and ME). We also provide support to late-stage patients, and aim to raise awareness of the challenges they may face accessing diagnosis and treatment.

You can find out how our past activities have made a change for the good, and what our future plans are via our annual report.

How corporate fundraising helps us

Your donation will enable us to provide much-needed support to patients in our Online Community group, run an annual awareness campaign, attend events and medical conferences, and develop important resources for patients and clinicians.

The CMS Group: one of our valued corporate partners

Benefits to your company

Many companies are moving away from one-off donations and transitioning towards long-term strategic fundraising partnerships that offer mutual benefits:

– Aligning yourself with Lyme Disease UK is a great way to stand out as an ethical and responsible business: Fundraising for us is a key opportunity for positive publicity.

– If you’re looking to promote your company, we can give you a shout-out via our newsletter, website and social media: Our social media posts reach around 500,000 people during our annual Awareness Month in May, and we have over 23,000 permanent followers. Our website also attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year: from outdoors enthusiasts, to pet owners, land workers, patients, and clinicians.

– Corporate fundraising can also boost employee engagement: Supporting Lyme Disease UK can drive team morale and give you a common cause to work towards. Studies show this boost of enthusiasm is often reflected in other areas of the business.

– To say thank you for your fundraising efforts, we will offer your company a free Wake Up To Lyme awareness talk: Ticks are endemic in the UK, and Lyme disease can be a serious long-term illness. Employees across all sectors are at risk, as many of us spend time outdoors and own pets.

If you’re a company that directly employs people working outdoors, awareness of tick bite prevention is important for health and safety: Under health and safety laws, employers are responsible for managing the health and safety risks to their employees. Organising an awareness talk is a good stepping stone towards fulfilling your duty of care. You can book your free session here!

Ideas for corporate fundraising:

There are many ways your company can fundraise for Lyme Disease UK, and we can provide running vests, selfie frames, leaflets, posters and fundraising buckets to make your activities fun and informative! Here are our top ideas for corporate fundraising:

– Charity of the year: Could Lyme Disease UK be your charity of the year for fundraising activities? Partnering with us could leave a long-lasting impact on both organisations! If you’re thinking about choosing us, you can find guidance below on how to set up a fundraising page, and we’re always on hand to help. Please send us an email if you would like to discuss how our charity might be a good fit for your business and its purpose.

– Fitness challenge: Taking on a company-wide fitness challenge can bring an array of health benefits to your employees. Good for team-building, as well as physical and mental health – it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice! Organise a football or golf tournament, or participate in our charity WOW Challenge by walking/running 20km, or wheeling 100km.

Karrie and Alex at the Great North Run

– Sponsor Team SeaSoar: A unique opportunity for corporate sponsorship! A team of amazing men will be rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in 2024 to raise awareness of Lyme disease and raise funds for us! The challenge is a deeply personal one for team member, John, as his daughter, Yasmin, has chronic Lyme disease. The team are self-funding their entrance fee to the race, but are looking for sponsorship to raise money for LDUK, and pay for other essentials. You can read more via their sponsorship brochure.

– Donate a percentage of your sales: Pledge a portion of your profits to Lyme Disease UK and help others to share in your success! Set up a regular donation, or a one-off here.

– Payroll Giving: Payroll Giving is a tax-efficient way for your employees to donate through their salary. It enables them to donate straight from their gross salary before tax is deducted, so the cost to them is less. For example, if they pledge £10, only £8 will be deducted from their net pay. If you haven’t already set up a company scheme for your employees, there’s more information on how to do this via the UK government website.

– Dress down days: Have you got that Friday feeling? Share it with your employees by holding a charity dress down day! A nice way to reward your staff for a week well worked, and the perfect opportunity to give our fundraising buckets a shake!

– Sweepstakes and raffles: Take bets on who will win the Grand National, The World Cup, I’m A Celebrity, Wimbledon, or Strictly Come Dancing! Or maybe you’ll choose to get the whole team involved in an annual Christmas raffle. Donate the proceeds to Lyme Disease UK and everyone’s a winner!

– Auctions: Charity auctions provide the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of Lyme disease and start much-needed conversations. Don’t forget to send us your photos!

How to set up a fundraising page

It’s easy to set up a corporate fundraising page via our fundraising platform. We would appreciate if you could use this site, as we are registered with them and they process gift aid for us. Add a photo and text to your page and share regular fundraising updates to generate more interest! Provide your employees with the link, and they can share it with their friends and family to collect online sponsorship!

Thank you again for your interest in fundraising. Watch the video below for a recap on how you could help us!


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