LDUK Charity Constitution

Lyme Disease UK exists to support those who are suffering from Lyme disease as well as their loved ones and people who wish to learn more about the illness, including prevention methods. Lyme Disease UK also strives to raise awareness through national campaigning to prevent tick bites and to alert the general public about the dangers of the illness and what to do if bitten. Lyme Disease UK will continue to take part in government processes as a stakeholder, including pushing for change and improvements in the way Lyme disease is treated in the UK. Find out more about us here.

For the public benefit, the prevention of Lyme disease and the relief of people with Lyme disease, in
particular but not exclusively by:

(1) raising awareness about the causes and dangers of Lyme disease and ways to prevent tick bites

(2) providing and publishing information about Lyme disease and where practical help and support can be found for sufferers

(3) making grants to pay for personal care and the other short or long term needs of people with Lyme disease*

(4) making grants to fund research into Lyme disease and the treatment of the disease, provided the
useful results of such research are published*

(5) contributing to improvements to national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease

*when funds allow

Registered Charity Number: 1182212