Fellow Lyme Disease Organisations

Looking for other Lyme disease resources and organisations? We’ve complied a list below:

Global Lyme Alliance
US based charity focused on research, education, awareness, and patient services.

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.  Non profit organisation who do research and write publications on the diagnosis and treatment of tick borne diseases, including guidelines.

Lyme Disease Action
UK based charity providing information to public, patients and health professionals and lobbying for an improvement in services.

US based charity focusing on advocacy, education and research.

The Lyme Resource Centre
The Lyme Resource Centre is a charity based in Scotland, with a mission to educate the public and healthcare professionals about Lyme disease and related tick-borne co-infections and work with others to research ways to combat all tick-borne illnesses

Tick-Borne Illness Campaign Scotland
The Tick-borne Illness Campaign Scotland is focussed on achieving better treatment for patients in Scotland with Lyme Disease and related co-infections.

Tick Talk Ireland
Irish based patient organisation.