Further Resources for Healthcare Professionals

There are genuine scientific uncertainties surrounding both diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. The NICE guideline committee has noted the poor-quality evidence available on both diagnosis and treatment. Further research was recommended. We have compiled a list of further resources below, which you may find useful along with our animation, “Lyme Disease – Key Points on Diagnosis, Testing and Treatment“. We would also encourage you to browse the rest of our website.

Lyme disease and the EM rash

What do you know about the EM rash? You may be surprised to learn that the EM rash is not present in every case of Lyme disease, and rarely does it appear in a perfectly shaped ring. You may also benefit from reading ‘Skin Colour, Medical Education and Erythema Migrans – Room for Improvement‘ written by Dr Z Husain, a UK based GP.

John Hopkins Lyme Research Centre

Take a look at the John Hopkins Lyme Research Centre website for clear and credible information, and links to all their ongoing research, including their evidence for what may be referred to as ‘Post Treatment Lyme Disease’.

Columbia Lyme

The Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center was established in 2007 through a joint effort of Columbia University, Global Lyme Alliance and the Lyme Disease Association.

Bay Area Lyme Foundation

As an independent nonprofit organization, Bay Area Lyme is able to partner with leading researchers and institutions all across the USA to support the most innovative and promising projects in Lyme disease research.