Raising Awareness Amongst Medical Professionals

Lyme Disease UK are thrilled to have landed two exceptional awareness-raising opportunities amongst the medical community. Taking place on the 13th and 14th of October is the Best Practice Show 2021. This event is a big hit for the UK’s primary care and general practice community. The event expects to […]

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Tick warning attached to single tree in woodland

Lyme Disease Online Awareness Talks

Prior to the pandemic, LDUK volunteers were attending community groups and organisations to provide people with Lyme disease and tick bite prevention awareness talks. Like so many others during the last 18 months we’ve had to make some changes! Our talks went online. This was a new way of working […]

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Wake up to Lyme logo

Our Wake Up To Lyme Animation and Video Work

For our Wake Up To Lyme campaign this year, we’ve created several animations and a video to help spread our message of tick bite prevention and Lyme disease awareness. We started off with our campaign introduction video… Caroline Fearnley, our Social Media Manager, commissioned this piece which was created by […]

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Awareness Talks Featured Image

LDUK Awareness Talks

Lyme Disease UK’s #WakeUptoLyme awareness talks are becoming increasingly popular which is great for sharing Lyme disease prevention tips, tick removal techniques and other important information with a wider audience. More people are taking to the outdoors during lockdown and enjoying the countryside for walking, jogging, cycling and other recreational […]

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invisible disabilities week graphic

Lyme Disease Sufferers Take Part in Invisible Disabilities Week

Late stage Lyme disease can often be an invisible illness. Managing debilitating symptoms whilst looking well on the outside can be hugely challenging for sufferers. We want to help people understand that it is possible to be very unwell with Lyme disease and co-infections, even though we may look well […]

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Efforts to Engage Local Councillors in Lyme Awareness

LDUK community member Mandy, who is living with long term Lyme disease symptoms, alongside her husband, and potentially has other family members affected, has not let that stop her from trying to build health awareness of the condition and try to generate publicity, whilst maintaining her anonymity. Mandy is in […]

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‘Living in the Lymelight’ by Jenny Hodges

Hi, I’m Jenny, I’m 29 and live in London. I’m so excited to announce that I have just published a book about my fight with chronic Lyme disease! I’ve often been told I should write my story and not being a keen writer, I have always put it off. However, […]

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wake up to lyme campaign lyme disease uk

Wake Up to Lyme Campaign 2020

Our 2020 Lyme Disease Awareness Month is slightly different this year due to the devastating Covid-19 situation which is impacting everyone’s lives. It’s so important that everyone follows the most up to date government advice on Covid-19 and social distancing. LDUK’s aim is to help take pressure off the NHS […]

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Enjoy the Outdoors Safely – an Animation from LDUK

This stunning animation was created by the very talented RoPu Chen, Adam Duncan and Cedric Fangeat. Cedric is a member of our Online Community as has kindly shared his story with us: “I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in November 2017. The story behind having a diagnosis for Lyme disease […]

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