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We are delighted to be partnering with the tick removal brand, Tick Twister® for our 2024 Awareness Campaign – Wake Up to Lyme.

Prompt and safe removal of attached ticks is crucial to preventing Lyme disease. Carrying a tick removal tool and keeping one in your first aid kit is a good way to be prepared if you ever find an embedded tick in your skin.

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Bag of Tick Twisters in 3 sizes


 The indispensable accessory for removing ticks !
  • Tick Twister® enables a safe, quick and painless tick removal.
  • Tick Twister® doesn’t leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin.
  • Tick Twister® doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen.

Sold in bag of 3 hooks (one large, one small and one micro).  Prices begin from £5.00 for one pack. Discounts for multiple purchases. Exclusive internet offer, free shipping worldwide.


tick twister 3 clips

  • With its modern and functional design, the ClipBox Tick Twister® will accompany you everywhere!
  • Available in 5 vibrant colors and composed of three housings, one for each size, the ClipBox will allow you to store your hooks safely, and not lose them.
  • Its format is ideal for slipping the hooks into a pocket and having them always at hand.
  • With its locking system, inspired by a karabiner, you can also hang it on a key ring, a backpack or a belt.

Prices begin from £6.30 for one pack. Discounts for multiple purchases.

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For retailer/pharmacy orders, please contact info@tick-twister.com or visit the Tick Twister Professional® online shop.

 *Please note that any purchases made via the Tick Twister®Online Shop do not raise funds for LDUK unless otherwise stated. Any future promotions raising funds for LDUK will be advertised on this page.*