Regular Giving – Become a Key Lyme Supporter

Make a monthly donation to LDUK and help raise awareness of Lyme disease to prevent further late stage infections.

How your money makes a difference

£5 a month could help put our information in GP surgeries nationwide, helping to increase public awareness of how to prevent tick bites.

£10 a month could help run our Online Community for people living with late Lyme disease, providing connection and support with others who understand the illness.

£15 a month could help us deliver patient webinars and provide online resources, providing vital information and advice on acute treatment and symptom management.

What our Key Lyme Supporters say …

We’re having an impact!

Our Promise to Key Lyme Supporters

We want you to know that we really value your support, whether you’ve:

  • donated
  • fundraised on our behalf
  • supported our awareness campaigns
  • bought items from our website
  • left us a gift in your will.

About your donation or the money you’ve raised

  • Your donation will be used responsibly to help us meet our charitable aims. We will keep administration costs to a minimum without jeopardising the quality of LDUK’s work. As much of your donation as possible will be spent directly on our life-changing work.
  • We’ll answer any question you have about how your donation is spent and clear financial information will be available.
  • We might turn down a donation if we feel that accepting it would damage our independence or reputation. If we do, we’ll explain why.

Our use of your personal details

  • We will keep any personal information safe, only using your details to contact you in the ways you’ve agreed to.
  • We will always respect your right to privacy and adhere to laws around the use of data.

Our communications with you

  • We hope you’ll want to hear more about our work. We’ll always be clear about how we’ll communicate with you.
  • If you tell us you’d rather not be contacted, or you’d rather we didn’t contact you in a certain way, we’ll act on your wishes.
  • You can change your mind about what you receive from us at any time.