My Lyme Story: Sophie and Gabriella Dahlmann

In the summer of 2017 whilst pregnant with Gabriella, I was, as we later found out, bitten by a tick. At the time I experienced ongoing flu-like symptoms and didn’t notice a bull’s-eye rash. When I saw one of the GPs at my surgery, I was told what I had […]

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graphic reads 'what makes viruses tick'

Guest Blog – ‘What makes viruses tick?’ Project

At the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, we are undertaking a new project ‘What makes viruses tick?’. This project aims to raise awareness and offer information on ticks and tick-borne diseases in Scotland. Ticks and the diseases they transmit have become an increasing concern in recent years for […]

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Tick warning attached to single tree in woodland

Awareness Talks 2022

Our awareness talks are popular as ever and we’ve had some great interactions throughout the start of 2022. In collaboration with Botanic Protect, we were invited to give a talk to the Woodland Trust in March. Over one hundred people attended this virtual event where awareness about what Lyme disease […]

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Photo of Lori

My Lyme Story: Lori Chisnall

I was a healthy, young 47-year-old enjoying life. A party animal, I was always first on the dance floor and last to leave until one morning I awoke with every bone and muscle hurting, an intense, deep crushing pain. Months went by without improvement, in fact I got worse. My […]

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Monia Selfie

My Lyme Story: Monia-Allah T Al-Haidary

I have been going to the doctors for two years now with various symptoms. Brain fog, dizziness, light-headedness, and, as charmingly scrawled on my notes time and time again, TATT (tired all the time). From October 2020, at the height of the pandemic, I had a urinary tract infection followed […]

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Photograph of Katharine Rhodes

My Lyme Story: Katharine Rhodes

The first symptom I can recall is the drop in my energy levels around 2014/15. I stopped wanting to do the things I liked so I went to my GP and had different tests, but everything returned normal. The fatigue slowly got worse. In 2017/18 further symptoms appeared. The first […]

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Stock image of sick woman

Our Daughter and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease has changed everything for my family. Our teenage daughter has been very sick since 2018. She became increasingly ill over a period of time with strange and seemingly unrelated symptoms, something most Lyme patients can relate to. School would call us and say *Anna was feeling faint and […]

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Photo of Nick and Sophie

Half Ironman Fundraiser for LDUK

Nick Clarke has been in touch with us to share his story and let us know he’ll be raising money for LDUK on behalf of his wife, Sophie, who lives with Lyme disease. You can sponsor him via his Virgin Money Giving page. Thank you to Nick, James and Beth […]

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Jeff McCarthy Selfie

My Lyme Story: Jeff McCarthy

It was May 2013 when I first knew something was wrong. I had failed to complete a 5k race which had never happened to me before. I had to stop at the 3k mark as I just didn’t feel right and it wasn’t the normal type of fatigue you might […]

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what happens when doctors don't have all the answers?

What happens when doctors don’t have all the answers?

Katharine Cheston is a PhD researcher at the Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham University. Her research, funded by the Wellcome Trust, focuses on experiences of illness that can be considered to be ‘medically unexplained’. She has previously volunteered for charities and organisations working with people living with complex, poorly-understood medical […]

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