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Travels Through Lyme Disease UK

This month’s guest blog is by Natasha Metcalf, who along with Louise Dean, co-founded Lyme Disease UK. Natasha reflects on how LDUK began, what the group has taught her as well as her personal journey with the illness. The past few years have been a whirlwind and a roller-coaster combined. […]

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Who to believe when doctors disagree? – Sarah

  This month’s guest blog is by Sarah, from The School of Balance. I first became ill in 2013. My health deteriorated fairly rapidly and over the next 2.5 years I saw consultant after consultant trying to establish the cause. I was diagnosed with an every growing list of chronic […]

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Such a Long Journey – Shalina Agarwal

Shalina writes a blog on living with Lyme disease called ‘Down with Lyme’. She honestly discusses mistakes she’s made along the way and shares advice she would give others at the beginning of their own battles with Lyme disease. My entry into the ‘Lyme World’ took place about 3 years […]

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Question of Perspective – Laura Brown

Many thanks to Laura Brown for this post showing how important it is to keep perspective on our illness and to see the positives. You can read more of her blog over at which also links to her fundraising campaign for Lyme disease treatment.   A Question of Perspective   […]

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Moving the goal posts – Sophie Grace Kellaway

Moving the goal posts by Sophie Grace Kellaway Recently I’ve noticed that as I’ve been recovering, I’ve been changing my targets for wellness. By moving the goalposts without even realising, I’ve been feeling like I’ve not been making progress. Only when I’ve stopped to think about the real changes can […]

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You never know – Jas Matthews

Happy new year! Our next guest blog is from UK patient and LDUK group member Jas Mathews and talks about living with chronic Lyme disease and how she meets the unique challenges it brings. Read more of her blog here If you have a blog you would like featured, please […]

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