Write For Lyme Disease UK

We’re always interested to hear from story tellers in the Lyme community. Sharing your experiences with Lyme disease and the associated factors helps raise awareness and can prevent others from contracting the disease.

The My Lyme Story series is the section of our blog dedicated to the Lyme journey – how you were infected, when you first realised you were symptomatic and your experience with treating it. These blogs are sometimes picked up by media outlets and can receive a great deal of exposure. If you’d like to submit your story for consideration please fill out this form: lymediseaseuk.com/my-lyme-story-submission.

For our standard blogs, you can write about anything in relation to living with Lyme and submit your work for consideration here: lymediseaseuk.com/blog-submission.

Should you wish to send us photographs from a fundraising or awareness event, please submit them via this form: lymediseaseuk.com/photo-submission