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How To Help Others With Lyme Disease

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lyme Disease UK we are running with the ‘5’ theme… kicking off with 5 ways to help others. Helping others gives us all a buzz and we always feel better mentally and physically when we see others smile. These are often selfless and free […]

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How Long Did It Take You to Get Diagnosed?

Lyme disease is still widely misunderstood by the medical profession. Through our awareness work, it is our wish that people are diagnosed more quickly so that they don’t miss the crucial window for early treatment but so many members of our Online Community have suffered for years on end, often […]

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How Does Lyme Disease Affect Your Relationships?

This is a very hard and emotional question for many people to answer but we wanted to get a sense of how people’s relationships in our Online Community are affected. Many people feel a great sense of loss as those who were once so dear to us simply can’t or […]

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The Life of a Campaigner

LDUK admin Sophie Ward shares what she has been doing for our annual ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ campaign to inspire people to get involved in spreading the word about the dangers of ticks. I arranged a brief meeting with my local MP,  Ben Wallace, to fill him in on where […]

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January Blues by Sophie Ward

  January blues All the ‘To-Dos’ Doctors appointments and feeling the backlash, The festive period was over in a flash, It’s was such a dash, For a big bash, You tried to feel included, But felt so excluded, Your pain radiates all around, You scream help but nobody hears your […]

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Sophie Ward

Finding Worth When Suffering by Sophie Ward

This month’s guest blogger is Sophie Ward, who is the author of the blog Sophantastic  in which she shares her experiences and reaches out to people with food intolerances, depression, chronic pain, nerve damage, chronic illness, Lyme Disease, co-infections, anxiety and low-self esteem. Her blog is full of stories and tips […]

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