How Does Your Illness Make You Feel?

This question is heartbreaking, and I know for many people, it sparks SO many different emotions which are often, understandably, negative. When I asked this question in our Online Community, the main responses were: embarrassed, angry and let down. We feel embarrassment because we don’t want people seeing us as […]

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An EM rash may appear in some cases

Lyme disease and the EM rash

An erythema migrans otherwise known as an EM, is the rash associated with Lyme disease. The rash does not occur in every case of Lyme disease but if a patient does present with an EM rash then no blood test is required and treatment should be prescribed immediately as per […]

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What Do Our Symptoms Cause Us To Do That People May Not Understand?

Lyme disease causes many different, puzzling symptoms. How can others possibly understand? It is a daily battle for so many of us to understand and we find ourselves becoming increasingly upset and irritable when others can’t seem to understand either. As the seasons change, we face new symptoms that we […]

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wake up to lyme campaign lyme disease uk

Wake Up to Lyme 2019 Campaign Success!

May 2019 saw the nation ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ with our most successful awareness campaign yet. Thank you so much to everyone who took part! LDUK sent out more posters and leaflets in the first week of awareness month than we did during the whole campaign last year! A whopping […]

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LDUK Wins £1000 in Ecclesiastical’s ‘Movement for Good’ Awards!

Press Release Lyme Disease UK has won a £1,000 Movement for Good award thanks to nominations from the public. Lyme Disease UK was nominated to win a £1,000 boost as part of specialist insurer Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards, which is giving £1million to charities this summer. This generous donation […]

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Lighting up Lancashire for Lyme by Sophie Ward

LDUK has kicked off Lyme Disease awareness month with a bang. Across the country with the work of the LDUK team and members of our Online Community, we have been able to get major UK landmarks to glow green in support of Lyme disease awareness which is just incredible and […]

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month 2019 has got off to a fantastic start with lots of buildings around the country being lit up in green to help us mark this year’s campaign. Thank you to everyone involved in arranging these landmark light-ups and don’t forget to share your photos with us […]

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LDUK Awareness Animation

This stunning animation was created by the very talented RoPu Chen and Cedric Fangeat. Cedric is a member of our Online Community as has kindly shared his story with us: “I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in November 2017. The story behind having a diagnosis for Lyme disease is far […]

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LDUK Emails 10,000 Schools For Lyme Awareness Month!

LDUK used some of the charity funds to purchase the data for 10,000 schools in the UK (both primary and secondary) and sent out the following email to the Headteachers on 1st May to mark the start of Lyme awareness month. You can help us reach more schools by sharing […]

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