How To Enjoy The Party

As 2018 marks LDUKs 5th birthday and Christmas is on the horizon, we’ve been talking about celebrations and how to best manage our symptoms when trying to enjoy ourselves. The Christmas period can often leave us feeling stressed. There are so many people to see, so many events, so much […]

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Sophie Ward

What Does LDUK Mean To Me?

As part of LDUK’s birthday celebrations, I wanted to share what the community means to me, and how it’s helped shaped my life. LDUK means the world to me. It was a place that called me family before I really understood my health or anything about Lyme disease. There were […]

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Julia in Dubai on a 'better day'

Meet The Team: Julia Knight

In 1999 I was bitten by ‘something’ while on holiday at Center Parcs near Thetford, Norfolk. Despite being a senior paediatric nurse I had no knowledge of Lyme disease. Over the next few months I became progressively unwell resulting in me being unable to get out of bed, sleep, swallow […]

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What Do You Wish Your Doctor Understood About Lyme Disease?

Many Lyme patients hit a brick wall when we are faced with doctors who belittle our suffering and who are not knowledgeable about Lyme disease and its devastating effects. We asked our Online Community what they would like doctors to understand when it comes to living with Lyme disease: “That […]

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How Does the Weather Affect Lyme Patients?

As Brits, one of our national pastimes seems to be complaining about the weather; it rarely seems to please us! One minute it’s too hot, the next it’s too cold and gloomy. When it comes to Lyme disease and some other chronic illnesses as well, the weather seems to play […]

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A Naturopathic Approach to Chronic Lyme Disease – Sonia O’Donnell

This month’s Guest Blog is by Sonia O’Donnell from NTA Clinics who explains how alternative and naturopathic treatment for Lyme disease differs from conventional medicine’s approach. At LDUK, we don’t recommend or endorse any particular clinic or treatment but we aim to highlight all options available so that people can make […]

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