What we do

Lyme disease UK exists to support people who are living with the effects of Lyme disease and are in need of support and guidance. We are a team of volunteers who work hard to provide support and raise awareness of Lyme disease amongst the UK public and healthcare systems.

Since Lyme disease UK was founded in 2013, many group projects have been undertaken to help advance awareness, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease in the UK. As a community, we’ve been involved in protests, conferences, the NICE guidelines formation, MP meetings and many other events.

To discover more about our Lyme disease activism, follow the links below.

  • News from 2019
    This was the year LDUK achieved charity status and our #WakeUptoLyme campaign went even bigger than we could have ever imagined with buildings around the country lighting up green to support Lyme disease awareness month. So many generous fundraisers took place in 2019 and LDUK held its first ever conference and sent reps to several others in order to keep up with developments and increase our reach.
  • News from 2018
    2018 has been an incredible year for LDUK. Our community has grown bigger by the day and we continue to be inspired by all the hard work and determination we see. So much has been going on, from new local support groups popping up to the fantastic efforts lobbying support from MPs.
  • News from 2017
    So far this year, we’ve attended an MP meeting at Westminster, received a blog award, launched our #WakeUpToLyme campaign, attended the AONM conference, supported a Scottish Lyme disease rally and held an awareness event on Scottish Parliament, launched educational materials and have been busy with stakeholder comments on the Independent Reviews on Lyme disease as well as on the draft NICE Lyme disease guideline.
  • News from 2016
    2016 was a busy year for the Lyme community. Take a look at the above blog post for details on our invitation to register as stakeholders in NICE Lyme disease guideline process, and the launch of two new charities from members of the Lyme disease UK community.
  • News from 2015
  • News from 2014
  • News from 2013