Natasha on the beach with her dog

My Lyme Story: Natasha Metcalf

I first fell ill aged 16 after pulling what I now realise was a nymph tick out of my leg, following a hike. Life unravelled as I could no longer focus on school work due to a thick fog that descended on my brain. I started experiencing swollen glands, weight […]

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Patient Perspectives on Lyme Recovery and Remission

People who are diagnosed and treated promptly often make a complete recovery from Lyme disease without any long term symptoms.  For those who are at the start of a treatment journey following a late or missed diagnosis, hearing about patients who have regained their health or made improvements from late […]

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Bella Hadid Vogue Article

Bella Hadid Sparks Media Interest in Lyme Disease

Supermodel Bella Hadid’s recent Instagram post about her recovery from Lyme disease has resulted in a busy few weeks of media interest. We are so grateful to members of the patient community for coming forward in response to journalists wanting to feature patient stories. Often we have less than 24 […]

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My Lyme Story: Roland Maxted

For many years, I had been ill every 3 or 4 months for 7 or 8 days at a time with fatigue, chills, dizziness, headaches and muscle pain, but without the high temperature that one normally associates with flu-like symptoms. In August 2018, after honeymooning in Cuba and Mexico, I […]

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Aaron O’Connell runs the Llanelli Half Marathon

On 24th September this year, Aaron O’Connell will be taking part in the Llanelli Half Marathon to raise awareness and funds for Lyme Disease UK. Aaron’s younger sister has unfortunately suffered with Lyme disease for many years through her teenage years. I want to spread awareness is because I have […]

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Christine Sinclair in the New Forest

My Lyme Story: Christine Sinclair

I remember back in 2020, the unfolding pandemic was the least of my worries! I spent that spring lockdown feeling relieved that furlough was giving some respite from my busy job on the phones working for a holiday company in the New Forest, where I live. It also meant though […]

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Scottish Highlands

My Lyme Story: Elizabeth Parker

I’d vaguely heard of Lyme Disease before but hadn’t known anyone with it. I knew it was transmitted by ticks and that it was usually characterised by a bull’s eye rash. That, I think, is as much as joe public knows. Unfortunate, as anyone can get it, not get diagnosed […]

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Community Pharmacy article

Support for Acute Cases of Lyme Disease this Summer

“It’s been so bad for ticks this year”, “I’ve just pulled another one off the dog”. So often we hear these anecdotes in our Online Community group and in conversation with friends and neighbours. Are ticks more prevalent this year? We can’t be sure, but we have noticed a constant […]

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Laura Bubble in bed

My Lyme Story: Laura Edwards

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2019. I had visited lots of doctors for over seven years beforehand looking for a diagnosis that would explain my symptoms. Aches and pains, brain fog, fatigue, oedema, mood swings, sore joints. Unfortunately I was misdiagnosed lots of times. Eventually I took matters […]

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