*LDUK is operating as normal during Covid-19, as all of our volunteers work remotely. It’s important to follow all Government advice and to take precautions to avoid tick bites during permitted outdoor exercise. If you’ve been bitten by a tick and notice a rash or you feel unwell following a bite, be sure to contact your GP immediately and find out what remote help is available if your GP surgery is closed due to Covid-19. Some symptoms of Lyme disease are similar to Covid-19. Learn about the differences here*

Welcome to Lyme Disease UK, a registered charity founded by Lyme disease patients and run by volunteers.

We are healthcare advocates campaigning for increased knowledge and awareness of Lyme disease and the associated factors. Our website is full of information and you can also find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to check out our Online Community, browse the meet-up section and sign-up to our newsletter.

Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia, a spirochete bacteria. It’s the most common tick-borne disease in the northern hemisphere and there are multiple strains of the bacteria. Lyme disease is endemic in many parts of the United Kingdom, particularly in woodland or heath-land areas but disease carrying ticks can also be found in cities and gardens.

Public Health England estimates that there are 3,000 new cases of Lyme disease per year. However, this is likely to be a gross underestimate. There is a discrepancy in estimations and the exact number will likely remain unknown, due to the fact that Lyme disease is not a reportable condition and there are still many UK healthcare professionals and patients who are not able to identify and diagnose the condition.

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2020 Tour De Kaims Cycle Challenge

A huge thank you to the Kaims community for organising this initiative and for choosing LDUK as their chosen charity for 2020’s Tour De Kaims Cycle Challenge! A special thank you to Alan Armstrong for setting up the event’s fundraising page and we hope you all have a wonderful day! […]

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‘Living in the Lymelight’ by Jenny Hodges

Hi, I’m Jenny, I’m 29 and live in London. I’m so excited to announce that I have just published a book about my fight with chronic Lyme disease! I’ve often been told I should write my story and not being a keen writer, I have always put it off. However, […]

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Dr Rachel Taylor – Expert Q&A

Dr Rachel is a neuro-psychologist specialising in trauma recovery and wellbeing in those with chronic or neurological conditions. Her research and development of wellbeing strategies has come from her personal experience and working with those most affected. She is passionate about developing strategies and programmes focused on creating the best […]

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Coronavirus or Lyme Disease?

Coronavirus is likely to be at the forefront of our minds over the coming months. Any new flu-like symptoms may make us consider whether we have been infected with the virus.  Lyme disease can be contracted by the bite of an infected tick and symptoms of acute Lyme disease may […]

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wake up to lyme campaign lyme disease uk

Wake Up to Lyme Campaign 2020

2020’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month is slightly different this year due to the devastating Covid-19 situation which is impacting everyone’s lives. It’s so important that everyone follows the most up to date government advice on Covid-19 and social distancing. LDUK’s aim is to help take pressure off the NHS by […]

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Enjoy the Outdoors Safely – a short animation from LDUK

  This stunning animation was created by the very talented RoPu Chen, Adam Duncan and Cedric Fangeat. Cedric is a member of our Online Community as has kindly shared his story with us: “I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in November 2017. The story behind having a diagnosis for Lyme […]

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Notes for Editors

Lyme Disease UK would like to connect with journalists from all media outlets and to help out with features on Lyme disease. We can put you in touch with Lyme disease sufferers, doctors and other experts to aid your work. Patient stories and photos available.  Facts and stats are available on […]

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Manchester to Liverpool Ultra Marathon

LDUK is delighted to announce that Colin Ratcliffe and his team of runners are running the 50 mile Manchester to Liverpool Ultra Marathon in aid of LDUK on 10th April. Here, Colin shares his motivation to undertake this impressive feat. We wish Colin all the best – we are so […]

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Lyme Disease and Female Identity

Today is International Women’s Day; a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. On this special day, Lyme Disease UK would like to recognise the female members of our online community, who make up a staggering 78% of our numbers! This high percentage is reflective […]

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Lyme Disease and Fertility

Facing a diagnosis of Lyme disease brings with it many unique challenges. The most immediate questions raised by a female patient will likely be “How will I get better?” or “What can I do to manage my symptoms?”, but once the shock of this initial period has eased, a patient […]

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