Welcome to Lyme Disease UK, a support organisation founded by Lyme disease patients and run by volunteers.

We are healthcare advocates campaigning for increased knowledge and awareness of Lyme disease and the associated factors. Our website is full of information and you can also find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to check out our online support group, browse the meet-up section and sign-up to our newsletter.

Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia, a spirochete bacteria. It’s the most common tick-borne disease in the northern hemisphere and there are multiple strains of the bacteria. Lyme disease is endemic in many parts of the United Kingdom, particularly in woodland or heath-land areas but disease carrying ticks can also be found in cities and gardens.

Public Health England estimates that there are 3,000 new cases of Lyme disease per year. However, this is likely to be a gross underestimate. There is a discrepancy in estimations and the exact number will likely remain unknown, due to the fact that Lyme disease is not a reportable condition and there are still many UK healthcare professionals and patients who are not able to identify and diagnose the condition.

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Mosi-guard Natural to Support LDUK Wake Up to Lyme Campaign 2018

Great news for LDUK’s awareness campaign this year! LDUK has teamed up with Mosi-guard Natural to deliver over 500 of our awareness packs around the UK. Mosi-guard Natural is a scientifically proven, naturally sourced insect repellent. It is DEET-free and provides 8 hours of protection against the ticks known to […]

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NICE Lyme Disease Guideline Published

The NICE Lyme disease guideline has now been published and can be accessed here. LDUK commented extensively on the draft guideline, labelling it as ‘an inadequate tool for doctors and patients, seriously undermined by lack of evidence’. Our comments can be found here. The usefulness of the guideline is therefore […]

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Mary Beth Pfeiffer – Expert Q & A Video

Mary Beth Pfeiffer is a graduate of Marist College and worked at the Poughkeepsie Journal in the US from 1982 to 2015. Her investigative reporting is often long range, meaning that she writes series of articles over many months. She has been investigating Lyme disease since 2012 and the Journal […]

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Kay’s Cards!

LDUK member Julie posted a heartwarming request in our Online Community. Her daughter Kay suffers from Lyme disease and her birthday was coming up… Kay has been ill off and on for the last 10 years but basically couch/bedridden for the last 1 ½ years.  I know that birthdays are […]

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Dr Neil Nathan – Expert Q&A Video

Dr Nathan is a Board-Certified Family Physician and also a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr Nathan’s practice evolved into “Complex Medical Problem Solving”, working with patients who had no clear diagnosis from conventional medicine and were suffering with persistent and debilitating illnesses. These […]

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Government Review Findings

Lyme Disease UK representatives, along with those from other charities and patient groups, were invited to take part in the UK Government Independent Reviews on Lyme disease, commissioned by the Department of Health. Our participation was made up of a face to face consultation with the researchers as well as […]

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All-Party Parliamentary Group Meeting

On 23rd January 2018, two representatives from LDUK attended a meeting held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Lyme disease along with representatives from other Lyme disease organisations and patient groups in the UK. Members of each group were given a chance to present and Lyme Disease UK’s presentation can […]

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Daisy White – Expert Q&A Video

Daisy White is a health advocate and wellness coach whose mentors include Dr. Klinghardt. Daisy has experienced Lyme disease first hand having struggled as both an undiagnosed patient attempting to convince doctors that she was actually ill, and as a diagnosed patient weaving her through the maze of healthcare providers […]

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