Photo of Andrew McGuinness

My Lyme Story: Andrew McGuinness

In 2010 Andrew had secured a two-book deal and just published his first novel, A Portrait of the Arsonist as a Young Man; David Bowie had allowed him to use his lyrics in the narrative. He’d won international short story prizes and an award for his work supporting new writers in Kent. He taught creative writing […]

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Image of Pam Howarth

My Lyme Story: Pam Howarth

My Lyme story started in February 2017 when I noticed a small, black speck on the outside of my thigh. I tried to brush it off but it seemed to be attached so I pulled at it and what came away was something about the size of a pin head […]

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Debbie Flay smiling on a beach.

My Lyme Story: Debbie Flay

At the time of my tick bite, I was a 59 year old woman, running a successful tutoring business and enjoying a healthy lifestyle by walking around 10k a day with our dog in the woods and fields in Bristol. During an August walk I was bitten. This was unusual […]

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Kelly Allaway Image

My Lyme Story: Kelly Allaway

Back in September 2020, I noticed a rash on my leg. I felt groggy all day, tired and achy, and when I woke up the following morning, it was as though an elephant had sat on my neck all night. It ached relentlessly. I had absolutely no idea about Lyme […]

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Calum’s Story

Calum Culbert aged 16 “living the lyme life” School pupil from Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. An outdoors enthusiast, an active Scout, hill walker, interested in all rural pursuits and very keen fisherman, being a member of the Scottish Sea Angling Team. Walked and camped regularly. Despite best preventative efforts picked […]

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Kate’s Story

Journey into the unknown with Lyme disease by Kate Lawlor It is hard to say where it all began, as I am honestly not sure. In 2002, I took my young children to a nearby picnic area. We sat in a grassy area by a lake and then we went […]

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Vanessa’s story

Vanessa Boyd, 28 My life has never been what you would consider ‘normal’. Here’s the long story why, if you want to read it: I went on holiday on my 16th birthday with our Kez and unknowingly contracted a disease.It all began with a rash that was diagnosed as something […]

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James’s story

James Prosser, 37 Police Officer Became unwell summer 2015. Diagnosed with CFS but was refused a Lyme disease test. Diagnosed privately in December 2015 using the standard NHS two tier Lyme disease test. 1 month of IV antibiotics, some improvements but not completely better. Currently being treated privately by a […]

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Emma’s story

Emma Dolan, 41 Bitten in the USA in 2005. Health declined but still managed to still function at around 60%. Self employed because not able to hold down a job and was refused Employment Support Allowance –  deemed fit for full time work. October 2014, health deteriorated following a bad […]

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Daniel’s story

Daniel Hickson, 25 Began experiencing symptoms after a trip to the Lake District in 2013. Used to enjoy going to the gym and running and was a bodybuilder. Fell seriously ill in June 2015 with joint and muscle pain, abdominal pain, chest pain, neck and back pain, heart palpitations, rashes, […]

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