Scottish Parliament Photo Call

LDUK’s Morven-May MacCallum headed to the Scottish Parliament following First Minister’s Questions to host a photo call to raise awareness of Lyme disease, sponsored by Alexander Burnett MSP. Below is Morven-May’s write up of the event! A big thank you to Morven-May, to Alexander Burnett and to all the MSPs […]

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Wake Up to Lyme Campaign Success 2018

2018’s ‘Wake up to Lyme’ campaign has been taking the nation by storm during Lyme awareness month! Over 500 awareness packs have been distributed with orders for hundreds more flooding in. Thank you to Mosi-Guard Natural who teamed up with us to provide 500 packs and we will be using […]

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APPG Enquiry Begins

On 8th May 2018, the newly formed All Party Parliamentary Group held their first meeting of an Enquiry into Lyme disease which they are conducting. The series of meetings will cover a range of topics and the proposed schedule is as follows but may be subject to change: Session 1- […]

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Anatomised – A Novel by A.F. McGuinness

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new novel, Anatomised, by author and Lyme sufferer, A.F. McGuinness who is also an active member in our LDUK Online Community. Andrew held this official launch in Canterbury on 3rd May and he shares with us how it felt to release […]

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Doctors’ Thoughts on NICE Lyme Disease Guideline

In some ways (particularly for acute cases of Lyme disease) the new NICE Lyme disease guideline represents a small step in the right direction and as stakeholders in the process, LDUK has commented extensively on both the draft and final version. In our Online Community and via our survey, we […]

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wake up to lyme campaign lyme disease uk

Wake Up to Lyme Campaign Video

May is Lyme disease awareness month. We are kicking off our second ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ campaign to raise even more awareness this year. Our campaign consists of sharing information across our social media platforms and sending out awareness packs containing leaflets, posters and car stickers to be distributed across […]

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Mosi-guard Natural to Support LDUK Wake Up to Lyme Campaign 2018

Great news for LDUK’s awareness campaign this year! LDUK has teamed up with Mosi-guard Natural to deliver over 500 of our awareness packs around the UK. Jacqueline Watson, Managing Director, Mosi-guard Natural said, ‘Mosi-guard Natural® is delighted to support LDUK’s Wake Up to Lyme campaign. This is a fantastic awareness initiative to […]

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NICE Lyme Disease Guideline

The National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE) released their guidance for treating Lyme disease in April 2018. You can view it on the NICE website. We recommend you read it and encourage your doctor to access it should you face any issues regarding diagnosis and/or treatment. We also recommend […]

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All-Party Parliamentary Group Meeting

On 23rd January 2018, two representatives from LDUK attended a meeting held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Lyme disease along with representatives from other Lyme disease organisations and patient groups in the UK. Members of each group were given a chance to present and Lyme Disease UK’s presentation can […]

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