How Long Did It Take You to Get Diagnosed?

Lyme disease is still widely misunderstood by the medical profession. Through our awareness work, it is our wish that people are diagnosed more quickly so that they don’t miss the crucial window for early treatment but so many members of our Online Community have suffered for years on end, often […]

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Living in the Moment with Lyme

What is the most challenging part of living with Lyme disease? Let’s face it, there are enough physical symptoms that would be deserving answers to this question. Feeling so fatigued that lifting your arms to brush your hair is a struggle, irregular heartbeats thumping you from the inside your chest, […]

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Sunshine 4 Lyme Campaign by Kelly Williams

Hi my name is Kelly Williams and last year I started a campaign called Spreadalittlesunshine.  I wanted to raise £60,000 for someone called Sol who lives in Argentina and suffers from chronic Lyme disease. I didn’t even know Sol, she was a friend of a friend who I was supposed […]

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Group Projects 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for LDUK. Our community has grown bigger by the day and we continue to be inspired by all the hard work and determination we see. So much has been going on, from new local support groups popping up to the fantastic efforts lobbying support […]

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What Do You Wish Your Doctor Understood About Lyme Disease?

Many Lyme patients hit a brick wall when we are faced with doctors who belittle our suffering and who are not knowledgeable about Lyme disease and its devastating effects. We asked our Online Community what they would like doctors to understand when it comes to living with Lyme disease: “That […]

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You Know You’re a Lymie When…

One of the hallmarks of Lyme disease is the dreaded ‘brain fog’ which can lead to some rather embarrassing mishaps. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine and so we asked our Online Community to share some of their foggy moments by finishing the sentence ‘You know you’re a Lymie when…’ […]

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