Breaking the Stigma of Late Lyme Disease

Breaking the stigma of late Lyme disease There’s nothing quite like lived experience as a catalyst for igniting passion for change.   I feel completely surrounded by this passion as part of the LDUK team and member of the wider Lyme community. Despite ill-health, the care for other patients and […]

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Lyme Disease and Travel

For many people, travel is a healer, a motivator, a goal and the best way to expand horizons. For those who are chronically ill,  it can represent a struggle with uneasiness about how symptoms will be manageable, how pacing will be possible throughout the trip and how dietary requirements will […]

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Living with Hidden Disabilities

Living with Lyme disease is no small challenge, especially for those of us dealing with late-stage Lyme. We have to fight for the correct diagnosis and then fight for the adequate treatment. This complex illness requires us to be medical detectives, sourcing the most suitable practitioners to help us along […]

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LDUK’s Reaction to Lyme Disease Being Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

2019 has seen some significant progress in the field of Lyme disease with overall awareness increasing, media coverage increasing, the RCGP releasing a Lyme disease toolkit, the NICE Quality Standard being published following the 2018 guideline, charities working together to give a louder voice to sufferers and LDUK’s highly successful […]

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Diary Of A Press Manager – Julia Knight

My name is Julia Knight & I’m the Press Manager for Lyme Disease UK.  I thought I might be interesting for people to have an insight into what this role entails and how very interesting it can be! How did I end up doing this job? A Brief history of […]

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An EM rash may appear in some cases

Lyme disease and the EM rash

An erythema migrans otherwise known as an EM, is the rash associated with Lyme disease. The rash does not occur in every case of Lyme disease but if a patient does present with an EM rash then no blood test is required and treatment should be prescribed immediately as per […]

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