Morven-May MacCallum talks Lyme this summer

‘It was some time ago that I last wrote for the incredible community at Lyme Disease UK. In fact, it was just after I’d finished an exciting summer of Lyme Disease awareness events. I had stalls at Belladrum, Moy Country Fair, Nairn Highland Games and Glenurquhart Highland Games too. It was an amazing summer but I was glad to reach the end of it and to have some time to rest before taking on more this summer!

I have kicked off my season by doing some amazing talks for LDUK online. The first was for the Royal Air Force Wales and West Air Cadets, as you can imagine, tick bites and the risk of Lyme disease is high on their radar. The talk went really well and I had some very interesting questions. In fact, they were so interesting that my dog, Ember decided to join in part in by asking a few questions of her own. This sparked great discussion about what breed she was…some were convinced she was a terrier. It’s safe to say that the normally well-behaved Ember was banned from the room for my next talks! It was a really wonderful opportunity to highlight and educate the forces. I was really pleased to hear that it was their most well attended session.


Following on from my first talk, I did a talk for NHS Scotland Community Pharmacists. They were a wonderfully warm and fun group of people. They shared their own experiences of dealing with ticks and asked some really insightful questions. It was really good to get their insight into the issue and to hear how passionate they are to help support our work to raise awareness. It was really special to have some pharmacists who are local to me in the Highlands too. Ember was, must to her displeasure, relegated to the other room – although, there was such great humour over other people in the call being disrupted that I think they would have quite enjoyed an appearance from Ember.


My last talk of the month was to a diverse group of people including the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and their members who work in health and safety and public health. There was also members from the local authority and the UK Health Security Agency and other charities. There was over 150 people booked onto the call and with such a wide range of people there was a fantastic mix of questions at the end of the presentation.

I really enjoyed getting to chat to such a wide and diverse array of people. It was great to see how interested and curious people were about ticks and Lyme disease and how closely they engaged with the information I was sharing with them. I have another exciting summer of events planned and this has been a great way to start it all off. I’m now off to pack my bags as I’m off to Huntly to do an event in Orb’s bookshop at 10.30am on 6th July. I’ll be reading from Finding Joy and Keeping Joy and then doing a presentation on Lyme, followed by a Q&A. I’m really looking forward to it and if you are in the area then do pop in to say hi.’

Morven-May MacCallum