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‘As we move into the warmer months, it’s important that pharmacy teams are aware of tick bites and signs of Lyme Disease such as the erythema migrans rash, also known as a bullseye rash, which can sometimes be mistaken for ringworm.

Pharmacies are often the first port of call for patients with minor illnesses and conditions, therefore while this is not a condition that can be treated in pharmacies, it is imperative that pharmacy teams can recognise the symptoms and signpost patients to their GP practice so they can receive treatment quickly.’

Rosie Taylor

Rosie Taylor, Head of Service Development, Community Pharmacy England

Tick bites and Lyme disease are not treatable under the Pharmacy First clinical pathway for infected insect bites, with patients needing to be signposted on to their GP.  Understanding the early symptoms of Lyme disease and recognising the diagnostic EM rash will help pharmacy teams to give appropriate advice.

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Raising awareness of tick bite prevention and Lyme disease

May is Lyme disease awareness month and we are currently running our annual Wake Up To Lyme campaign to raise awareness of tick bites and Lyme disease. Please join us in helping to inform your local communities about tick bites and Lyme disease by displaying information in your pharmacy!

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Thank you for taking part in our campaign!