LDUK partners with nationwide charity – Kitsquad

Kitsquad Logo

We are delighted to be partnering with new UK charity, Kitsquad to provide tick bite prevention information and Tick Twister® tick removal tools for their clients throughout the month of May.

Volunteer kitsquad

Kitsquad provides outdoor clothing and equipment to people living in poverty to enable them get out into the great outdoors. Sending around fifteen parcels out to individuals each week, Kitsquad enables people to go out and experience the benefits that nature has to offer, using the correct and comfortable gear.

People experiencing financial deprivation are recognised as being under represented in our open green spaces. Being outdoors in nature has so many values to what is very often poor mental and physical health. However, it also increases their chances of coming in contact with ticks.

Fran Pearson CEO Kitsquad

‘Getting outdoors has so many benefits, from mental through to physical health. Doing so whilst having access to the right clothing and equipment is really important.  In every kit list there should be a tick removal tool, having this small yet vital piece of kit is essential in the fight against Lyme disease.

Kitsquad is so grateful to be able to partner with Lyme Disease UK and promote the awareness of ticks and Lyme disease.’

Fran Pearson, CEO and Founder, Kitsquad

*A huge thank you to our campaign sponsor – Tick Twister® for providing Tick Twister® tick removers to send to Kitsquad clients throughout Lyme disease awareness month, this May.