Introducing our Awareness Campaign Sponsors 2024!

We’re thrilled to announce our campaign partners for Lyme Disease Awareness Month 2024 –  Team Seasoar and Tick Twister®.  With their support, this year’s campaign promises to be our biggest and best yet!

Our Headline Sponsors – Team Seasoar

We are proud and excited to introduce our Headline Sponsor, Team Seasoar. In December 2024, the team will push off from the dock and compete in the World’s Toughest Row – Atlantic, a 3000 mile row from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua, in the West Indies. Their charity fundraising target is to raise an incredible £100,000 for Lyme disease research and awareness. 


John Watling’s 25 year-old daughter Yasmin, has late Lyme disease, which makes this a deeply personal goal for all involved.  Yasmin, a Cambridge University graduate, was bitten by a tick some four years ago. Her life has been turned completely upside down by Lyme disease. She went from being a healthy and active student to feeling like completing even basic tasks was a struggle.

Team Seasoar – Niall, John, Sam and Jason are honoured to be supporting LDUK in all their endeavours to raise awareness around Lyme disease. Taking on The World’s Toughest Row to raise funds and shine a light on this pernicious disease, ‘for us the physical and mental challenge of rowing 3000 miles unaided should last a mere 5-6 weeks, for those struggling with long-term Lyme disease it’s a ongoing daily challenge.’

To kickstart their support for preventing further Lyme infections this summer, Team Seasoar have kindly funded a large proportion of this year’s campaign in May. Thank you so much for helping us to keep spreading the word about Lyme disease and tick bite prevention!

Campaign Sponsor – Tick Twister®

We are so delighted to be partnering with the tick removal brand, Tick Twister®.  Prompt and safe removal of attached ticks is crucial to preventing Lyme disease. Carrying a tick removal tool and keeping one in your first aid kit is a good way to be prepared if you ever find an embedded tick in your skin. 

We look forward to working with Tick Twister® brand to amplify the message of how to remove ticks safely using a tick removal tool. Thank you for helping to fund our campaign activities and providing Tick Twister® tick removers for us to take along to outdoor events this year!tick twister tools

‘We are often in contact with Lyme disease patients and understand the impact the disease can have, especially if not diagnosed and treated early. That’s why it’s important for us to help charities like LDUK to raise awareness of this disease, and to inform people about ticks and the diseases they transmit.

By helping LDUK to do more to raise awareness of the importance of tick bite prevention and prompt removal of attached ticks, we hope to help reduce the number of cases of Lyme disease.’

Marion Tiberghien, Manager, Tick Twister®/H3D