St Mary’s, Calne Charity Week

On 19th February 2024, Lyme Disease UK’s Co-Founder and Chair, Natasha Metcalf, travelled to St Mary’s, Calne to help kick off the school’s Charity Week with a talk on her personal experience with the disease, the work done by the charity, as well as tick bite prevention tips.

Natasha received such a warm welcome from the staff and students at St Mary’s, and it was wonderful to hear about all the fundraising activities planned for the week, including a 24 Hour Tennis Coachathon, a bake sale, and an Open Mic Night. Students at St Mary’s have already raised over £2400 this year with other fundraising activities, including LDUK tracksuit bottom sales.

Thank you to John Watling of Team Seasoar who introduced Lyme Disease UK to St Mary’s, as his daughters went to the school. His eldest Yasmin, is a Lyme disease sufferer herself.

To all the staff and students at St Mary’s, we are so grateful for your stellar efforts to support Lyme Disease UK and help us raise awareness of the condition.

A special thank you to Claire Bolton, Head of Community Outreach and Partnerships at St Mary’s and to the LVI Charity Steering Group made up of Bea, Honor, Lara, Mary and Claire. We really appreciate you choosing our charity to fundraise for this year. We are loving all the footage on social media documenting your creative events during the week!