Great North Run 2024 – introducing the LDUK team!

We are over the moon to be able to announce our fabulous team for this year’s Great North Run.  On 8th September, Annie, Kathryn, Hannah, Ali and Mike will be joining over 60,000 runners from Newcastle to South Sheilds.

Read more about our wonderful team and why they have chosen to run for Lyme Disease UK in their own words. Please donate if you can and leave messages of support to cheer them on at the Team fundraising page.

Annie Anderson

“My best friend was diagnosed with Lyme disease a year ago. She is slowly recovering, however it has significantly impacted her life in many ways. I believe that it is so important to raise awareness of Lyme disease as it is not very well understood, and through making people learning more about the symptoms, it may lead to quicker diagnoses which can significantly improve the efficacy of treating Lyme disease.”

Annie Anderson

Kathryn Hargreaves

“I am very good friends with Daniel Duerden your patient ambassador and have been heavily involved in fundraising previously helping Dan run the speed shear and other events. Having seen first-hand one of our closest friends deteriorate but having not heard about the disease, raising awareness is a huge priority for myself as well as raising funds to help with investigation for medical resource. I feel Lyme disease although has become more known thanks to Dan in the local farming community, I would like to raise awareness across my friends and also my work network. I work for United Utilities and feel I could share awareness and raise funds across a large business who are working outside and at risks of ticks as well, but most likely not aware.

I am very passionate about awareness and am currently training with Hannah Eaton, who is running the GNR for LDUK. To run and raise awareness, together with our fundraising will be fantastic.”

Kathryn Hargreaves

 Hannah Eaton

“I am running the Great North Run to raise awareness for Lyme disease. A close friend contracted Lyme while shearing sheep at the age of 21 when he was bitten by a tick. Many months of no diagnosis, through a lack of awareness and Dan tested positive which has impacted his life massively. I want to raise awareness around the disease to help other people who may be showing symptoms. Dan has done so much for raising awareness around Lyme and with your donations, we can continue to help with the research and awareness of Lyme disease.” Hannah Eaton

Ali Roberts

“I live in rural North Wales and have always been Lyme aware. Last year we were so lucky as a family to visit Lake Como. Somewhere we had visited as a couple straight after our engagement and were excited to show our children! We went on a big trek up the mountain with a well deserved wine at the end.

A week later I went to see my GP – I thought I had infected mosquito bites to find I had Lyme disease. I was poorly for a month following and I still suffer now in any situation I become “under the weather”. I want to raise awareness as simply awareness is so poor!  And I am also a novice runner having run no more than 10k and I want a goal personally so show myself I can do it!”

Ali RobertsMike Roberts

“After years of encouraging my wife to run a 10k with no success, she has decided to do a half marathon instead! This is on the back of contracting Lyme disease in August 2023. Luckily she was diagnosed and treated quickly.

This really opened our eyes to the true extent of how debilitating this disease can be and has propelled Ali (my wife) to give back by raising money and awareness to this great cause. I am merely a passenger in her challenge but will do my best to raise as much money as I can. Thank you in advance.”