Scottish Woodlands ‘Run Forester Run’ Challenge

Scottish Woodlands SW Challenge medal winners

Scottish Woodlands took inspiration from an Oscar-winning film for their latest charity challenge to raise funds for Lyme Disease UK.  Run Forester Runor walk or cycle, or swim or paddle, was the title of the challenge, inspired by the ‘Run Forrest Run’ section of Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks.

On Sunday 18th August staff from the South-west region cycled, walked, swam, paddle-boarded and kayaked the distance between the company’s Fenwick and Dumfries offices – almost 100 miles!

Scotland Map

There were quite a few tired bodies after the challenge but all sections were completed successfully and everyone had a good time at the BBQ afterwards.

Well done to all the team – Byron Braithwaite and Eddie Addis on road cycling, Hannah Ingram, Cameron McLeod and Josh Pressley on mountain biking. Brian Malcomson, Julius Krezdorn, Cameron Bland and Euan Wilkie on Run 1, Jemma Maclachlan, Kathryn Reid and Doug Scott on Run 2.  Rowan Cunningham, Carlota Martin-Souto, Daniel Gillet, Dessy Henry, Jacob Bouma and Andy MacLachlan on swim/paddle. Claire Cairns, Emma Kerr, Drew Kennedy, Julie Mathers and Meghann Fraser on the walk, all with the full support of Bill Tyre.

Rowan Cunningham kindly arranged for 3D medals to be made up for the whole team.

Medals for Scottish Woodlands SW Challenge

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this amazing challenge!