Bella Hadid Sparks Media Interest in Lyme Disease

Supermodel Bella Hadid’s recent Instagram post about her recovery from Lyme disease has resulted in a busy few weeks of media interest.

We are so grateful to members of the patient community for coming forward in response to journalists wanting to feature patient stories. Often we have less than 24 hours to reply to media requests and to help set up interviews. A number of patients took part by sending in their stories and photos to meet these super-tight deadlines. Thank you all for helping to spread awareness far and wide!

Bella Hadid Vogue Article

‘It’s been very encouraging to see the media coverage over the past few weeks. It’s amazing the awareness that will be raised off the back of one social media post from Bella Hadid to her 59m followers. We will never know how many infections may have been prevented or received prompt treatment as a result of so much media attention. There will also hopefully be a little more empathy for those suffering with long term symptoms from Lyme disease’.

Julia Knight, Press and Community Outreach Manager, LDUK

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  • Interview with LDUK’s Press and Community Outreach Manager, Julia Knight on Radio Solent.

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Bella Hadid’s Health Update on Instagram