Aaron O’Connell runs the Llanelli Half Marathon

On 24th September this year, Aaron O’Connell will be taking part in the Llanelli Half Marathon to raise awareness and funds for Lyme Disease UK. Aaron’s younger sister has unfortunately suffered with Lyme disease for many years through her teenage years.

Aaron O’Connell running

I want to spread awareness is because I have a younger sister who has suffered (and continues to suffer) for the last 8 years being pretty much housebound as a result of having Lyme disease. She was diagnosed late into her infection as the symptoms of Lyme are masked by so many other conditions. She is starting now, in her early 20’s, to get her life back to some what normal. It has affected me and as you can imagine the rest of my family. I do try to educate myself as much as possible about the condition as and when I can.

We will be cheering Aaron on as he runs along the Millennium coastal path in Carmarthenshire. If you would like to donate please visit Aaron’s fundraising page. Thank you Aaron!