Make a difference by sharing your story with your MP

A few weeks ago, Chloe Daly and her mum, Helen met with her MP, Peter Gibson and shared her experience of living with Lyme disease and seeking diagnosis and treatment. Following this meeting, on 25th May in business questions taken by Penny Mordaunt MP as Leader of the House of Commons, Peter highlighted Chloe’s case. The first time that Lyme disease has been raised in the House of Commons since March 2019.

Peter Gibson in Parliament

As a further consequence of Chloe’s meeting, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to attend a follow up Zoom discussion with Peter to discuss how we can push for change for Lyme patients and prevent further cases.

Peter Gibson Zoom Meeting

Peter gave us an excellent insight into how to amplify our message and continue to raise awareness of Lyme disease.

One practical suggestion that Peter recommended was to encourage patients to request to meet with their MP at one of their surgeries. Explaining your story, in person and in your own words can often have a greater impact than an email or letter.

We understand that some members of our community may not have the opportunity or be well enough to go along to one of their MP’s surgeries and would recommend making a short video to send to them or emailing them attached this briefing document. If you would like support to do this please contact us at

We are very grateful for Peter and Chloe for taking the time to help raise the profile of Lyme disease and push for change. We look forward to working together over the coming months to make sure that all of our voices our heard.

If you would like to take some information to print off to show your MP and help to discuss the issues, please feel free to download this document and/or send this slideshowTo find out who your MP is and how to contact them type your postcode into this link.  Together we can make a difference!