Rico Franchi plays out Lyme Disease Awareness Month with ‘Chapters’

A heartfelt thank you to singer/songwriter, Rico Franchi for sharing his previously unheard song, ‘Chapters’ with us on the last day of Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Rico has been a powerful voice in the Lyme community since 2016.  He describes his rollercoaster ride with Lyme disease and how music and song have helped him to carry on after setbacks along the way.  Hear about what makes this song special from Rico in his own words below.

Thank you Rico for sharing this beautiful and moving song, ‘Chapters’ and helping to raise awareness of Lyme disease this May.

We’d also like to share one of Rico’s earlier songs, ‘Getting Better’ which resonated with so many Lyme patients and people with chronic illness around the world. Rico describes how soon after its release, he heard from a woman thousands of miles away who said that listening to this song helped give her the strength to leave her house that day despite suffering with terrible symptoms.

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