Watch the Blackbird – A Story on Lyme Disease film

LDUK is delighted to offer free access to the new film, ‘Blackbird – A Story On Lyme Disease’!

Blackbird is a new British film following a young woman and her ongoing battle with Lyme disease.

It’s a short documentary lasting around 30 minutes, and it covers a broad range of experiences that UK Lyme disease patients can relate to.

Blackbird details the story of Ruth Wiegratz-Hope, who was bitten by an infected tick when she was 22. Like many Lyme disease sufferers, Ruth suffered from the symptoms of Lyme disease for months before she found any answers. Almost a decade later, and she has now had two hip operations and has been diagnosed with M.E and CFS, as a result of her delayed diagnosis.


You can access the full film here, as well as our exclusive interview with Ruth, and filmmaker, Zoe Paterson Macinnes. During our interview, we delve a little deeper into the film and pose the following questions:

  • How did the film come about?

  • What has Ruth’s Lyme disease journey been like?

  • What compelled Zoe to make the film?

  • Why is the film called Blackbird?

On behalf of the whole team at LDUK, thank you so much to Ruth and Zoe for creating this beautiful masterpiece!

The cinematography is delightful, and the film strikes the perfect balance of being informative, engaging, and uplifting. We wish Ruth and Zoe the best of luck with their future film opportunities!

N.B. Please note that the length of antibiotic treatment quoted in the film has changed since the NICE guideline update of 2018. Lyme Disease UK assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of this video.