Online seminar: how to rediscover your identity and self-worth with Life Coach, Rosie Milsom

On Thursday 2nd March, we welcomed Life Coach and Lyme advocate, Rosie Milsom, as she offered her tips on how to rediscover your identity and self-worth.

Our free online seminar covered the following topics:

  • How your self-worth/self-image is formed, and particularly how your ill health may be playing a part in this.

  • Challenging the false beliefs you’re holding that may have been formed as a result of your health struggle.

  • Steps you can take to rediscover your identity, passions and purpose, based on the person you are now.

  • Tips for boosting your self-worth, self-acceptance and seeing value in yourself.

  • Taking some time to think about what you want to feel and experience in your life.

  • Tools for managing those times where you are in difficult mind spaces.

The full recording of the seminar is available to watch here. You can also access the slides here.

Rosie is also offering the chance to sign up to her ‘Five Day Find Yourself Email Challenge’ for free. Discover who you truly are, what your purpose is, and gain direction in your life again without overwhelm in this five day kick-starter challenge. More information can be found via this link.