Light Up For Lyme 2024

We are on the countdown to Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

Every May, a variety of buildings and landmarks recognise Lyme Disease Awareness Month by lighting up in green. Let’s make our 2024 campaign bigger and brighter. Let’s shine a light on Lyme disease!  

light up for lyme promotional image

We’ve seen some really iconic landmarks take part in the past! We’re talking the Spinnaker Tower, the Kelpies, and Blackpool Tower, to name just a few.

As well as landmarks, we also encourage outdoor organisations to light up their premises during May. Throughout the year, we provide free awareness talks to many different organisations, and it’s a lovely opportunity for them to show their support.

Where would you like to see #LightUpForLyme?

If you’re one of our supporters and you would like to take part, you can contact any sort of landmark or building that has the capacity to light up, including towers, bridges, fountains, and sporting stadiums. Last year, our supporters even lit up their own houses with green fairy lights. Now there’s an idea!

If you’re looking to contact your local landmark, you may find it helpful to use this template we’ve provided to write to them. Copy and paste into an email, or print out and take to the venue.  Once you’ve been in touch with them, please drop us an email to let us know as we’ll be keeping a list of all those who have been contacted.

Once May itself comes around, it would be wonderful if you could attend the light up at the venue! We would love to share any photos you take on our social media channels and website. This will help to raise even more awareness online! You can submit your photos to us via email.

We can provide you with leaflets and tick cards to hand out at the landmark if you would like to play your part in educating the public. We can also provide fundraising buckets and selfie frames for free!

Spread the word on social media

If you would like to help raise awareness on your own social media accounts, you can also share your photos with the hashtags: #LightUpForLyme #WakeUpToLyme #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth. Download our social media toolkit here.








Thank you so much for your interest in taking part in Light Up For Lyme!

* Please note that due to increased energy costs, some landmarks are no longer providing free light ups for charities. We would strongly encourage our supporters to check with the landmark from the outset whether they require any payment, as it’s very important to us as a charity that raising awareness does not cost our supporters any of their own money. We really appreciate you taking part, and this is intended to be a free campaign initiative that is accessible to all.