LDUK Presents To Scottish Woodlands’ Health & Safety Committee

Following our recent announcement that Scottish Woodlands has chosen us as their charity of the year, we were thrilled to be invited last month to present to their health and safety committee!

Our Press and Community Outreach Manager, Julia Knight, provided the team with an overview of Lyme disease, and welcomed the opportunity to talk about prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Scottish Woodlands is setting a wonderful example to other forest, estate and land management companies in proactively protecting employees against tick bites.

As a forward-thinking company, Scottish Woodlands has ensured that it has the correct information and resources to prevent tick bites amongst employees. Should any staff ever contract Lyme disease, they will also have the expert knowledge to support them.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Scottish Woodlands throughout 2023, and we are looking forward to working with their staff more during the coming months.

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