Record Sum Raised By Young Fundraiser

We are very proud to announce a record sum raised by a young fundraiser! Over the course of December, 12-year-old Henry Mellin raised £625 from the sale of his hand-made eco Christmas trees! Such a special achievement for a young lad, and one that we will always remember.
Henry’s decision to support us came about through his friend, Dan Duerden, who’s one of our patient members. Both lads are young farmers and part of a tight-knit agricultural community that has organised multiple fundraisers for us. They’re a really inspiring group of people.

Throughout the month of December, Henry and his friends, Spencer and Daz, transformed recycled pallets into beautiful eco Christmas trees! Chainsaws at the ready, they ensured that many customers enjoyed the festive period the environmentally-friendly way.

Our guys even went the extra mile and displayed our awareness posters at Christmas stalls and offered LDUK awareness leaflets with every purchase! So now many happy customers across Lancashire know what Lyme disease is and how to prevent tick bites.
The trio sold over 130 trees to people in their local community, and with word spreading fast, they also travelled as far as Scotland and Wales! The eco trees were advertised on a Facebook page set up by Henry, with the promise that he would donate 20% of the takings to our charity!
This is not the first time Henry has shown such altruism: back in 2021, his eco trees raised £200 for the Pendleside Hospice. It’s wonderful to see a young man making such a difference!

The boys continued to spread awareness of Lyme disease when they were interviewed by BBC Radio Lancashire. You can listen to the full recording here!

Huge thanks to Henry and all of his accomplices for their efforts, and our apologies to Henry’s parents for distracting him from his homework!

If you’re a tween like Henry and looking to fundraise, we’ve got heaps of ideas for you! We are always very grateful for the support.