Scottish Woodlands choose LDUK as their charity for 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Lyme Disease UK has been selected as the charity partner of Scottish Woodlands Ltd for 2023!

Scottish Woodlands Ltd is a company that provides a comprehensive range of forest, estate and land-related services, and has an annual turnover of over £100 million. We were selected as their chosen charity, as Lyme disease poses a real threat to their staff.

Ralland Browne, Managing Director of Scottish Woodlands Ltd, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting Lyme Disease UK throughout 2023 and look forward to seeing all the activities that our staff take part in to help raise awareness of this awful disease and raise funds for the charity to help them continue their great work. The company is well aware of the danger of Lyme disease, and has supported efforts to highlight it through our Tick Recorder App – launched in April 2018 and refreshed last spring.”

The app was designed and created by the company’s Compliance Support Team, and can be used on a mobile phone or computer. It takes just a few seconds for a member of staff to record a tick bite, and each individual report is automatically logged on a database, to be used as a reference point should any reactions or symptoms develop.

It allows the company to see where and when staff are picking up ticks during their working day, highlighting high risk times, seasons and locations. It also provides access to information on how to remove a tick and the symptoms to look out for following a tick bite.

The Compliance Support Team at Scottish Woodlands also deliver an annual Ticks, Lyme, and other Diseases Awareness Campaign that has included the distribution of ‘Safety Toolbox Talks’, tick repellent sprays, tick removers, tick repellent clothing and wash in tick repellent for clothing.

We are delighted to see measures like this in place to protect the staff at Scottish Woodlands, and would encourage other companies in the same sector to take similar steps.

Thank you so much to Scottish Woodlands for choosing to partner with us! Support like this means the world to us, and will make such a big difference to a small charity. As our corporate partner, Scottish Woodlands will have access to our free awareness talks for their staff, and we look forward to presenting to their health and safety committee on 23rd January.

Are you a company looking to choose a charity for 2023? You can read more about the benefits of corporate fundraising for LDUK here.