Launching our new video: How Will My Donation Help?

We are thrilled to launch a new video explaining how your donation will help!

As a charity founded on the strongest principles, we are committed to explaining openly and transparently how your donation will be spent.

We are not funded by the government and rely entirely on donations from our Online Community and members of the general public. So whether you fundraise, set up a regular monthly donation, or support us through Amazon Smile, you can be certain that your donation will be recognised and appreciated. Our important work would not be possible without you, and we will make every penny count!

Watch the video below to find out how your donation will help, and if it’s left you feeling inspired, why not set up a fundraiser or make a donation today? 

“Lyme Disease UK is absolutely indispensable. They raise awareness, support diagnosis and treatment, and give people the answers, affirmation and community that can truly revolutionise a life, and rescue someone from a downward spiral onto a path of recovery and hope” – Lyme disease patient, Gabi.