Charity Projects 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who has made 2020 a prosperous year for LDUK!

Despite much of the year being dominated by the pandemic, our supporters still found ways to raise awareness of ticks and Lyme disease. Our annual awareness campaign moved online, and our social media posts reached over 300,000 people during the month of May. In spite of Covid, it was actually our highest ever grossing year, with many of our supporters setting up fundraisers.

Here are some highlights, and you can find a full list of items in our news section:



  • LDUK Chair, Natasha Metcalf, was invited to the Rothley Park Golf Club Ladies Charity Lunch, where she gave a talk. She touched on her own personal story, and provided information to raise awareness of the disease.


  • LDUK supporters, Mark Pembroke and Harry Cambell Lamerton, raised over £1,000 for LDUK by  completing forty-five F45 gym classes in 31 days. Mark’s girlfriend, Hannah, suffers from Lyme disease, and Mark was keen to raise money that could be spent on raising awareness and promoting early diagnosis of the illness.
  • We celebrated World Book Day by interviewing three of our community members, who have written world-class books based on their experiences with Lyme.


  • LDUK commissioned a new animation: Enjoy The Outdoors Safely. Created by the very talented RoPu Chen, Adam Duncan and Cedric Fangeat, it raises awareness of how to take precautions against ticks and what to do if you’re bitten.


  • Due to the pandemic, we ran our annual awareness campaign for the first time entirely online. This was in accordance with the latest government advice on Covid-19 and social distancing. Our aim was to help take pressure off the NHS by continuing to educate the nation on the dangers of tick bites, how to prevent them, and what to do if you’re bitten.



  • Lyme disease patient, William Williams, ran a half marathon, and raised over £1,000 for us. William decided to run solo to mirror the isolation many Lyme disease sufferers feel when they are unexpectedly plunged into the illness.


  • Victoria Turrell ran a Christmas Day Volcanic Marathon in Lanzarote. The fundraiser was set up in support of her mum who suffers with the illness, and she raised over £800!