Georgia Chisnall Runs the Brighton Marathon Raising Funds for LDUK

A huge thank you to Georgia Chisnall for running the Brighton Marathon last month, raising vital funds for LDUK.

Georgia chose to support LDUK as her mum, Lori has suffered with Lyme disease for over 14 years, since Georgia was just nine years old. It took more than seven years of debilitating symptoms for Lori to be correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease. Read Lori’s story in her own words.

Georgia has raised an incredible £906 and you can still donate to help her raise even more!

Georgia running photo

Following the marathon, Georgia shared a few words with us on her feelings about the marathon and support she has received.  Thank you so much for your support, Georgia!

I am blown away by the support I have received. Thank you so much to everyone who has read, messaged, shared, and donated – you have no idea how much it means to my family, Lyme Disease UK, or the wider Lyme community.

I am pleased to share that on Sunday 10th April – as promised – that I completed the Brighton Marathon (my first marathon) in four hours and forty-two minutes. It is the most gruelling and difficult thing I have ever done, and the last 15km seemed to last forever, but your support kept me fighting through! I truly gave it everything I had. The day was incredibly emotional, and I have made memories that will last me a lifetime.

Mum, while I may have run the race, you battle such fatigue and joint pain (not to mention everything else) daily. There is no question here who the true wonder woman is. While I can now rest up and recover, I am painfully aware that the challenges faced by you and fellow Lyme sufferers continues. This is why the mission of Lyme Disease UK to improve awareness, prevention, and treatment is such an important one.

I am immensely grateful for everything Lyme Disease UK do for the Lyme community and I remain hopeful for the future of Lyme sufferers within the UK.

Georgia Chisnall


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