Awareness Talks

Our awareness talks are popular as ever and we’ve had some great interactions throughout 2022.

In collaboration with Botanic Protect, we were invited to give a talk to the Woodland Trust in March. Over one hundred people attended this virtual event where awareness about what Lyme disease is, prevention of it and how to recognise it was raised. There was an excellent Q&A after the presentation by LDUK’s Julia Knight, that raised many interesting questions about Lyme disease and the issues around it.

A recording of LDUK’s #WakeUpToLyme awareness talk was also made available at the Woodland Trust Annual Conference in April of this year for their volunteers to watch, and then placed in the Trust’s internal health & safety portal! A massive thank you is given to Nick Hall at the Woodland Trust for hosting the event and raising awareness amongst its members.

Julia was also very happy to be invited to her local Women’s Institute meeting at Sturton-By-Stow, Lincolnshire to give another #WakeUpToLyme awareness talk. The meeting was very well attended and Rosemary Harwood who arranged it, said the members really enjoyed the information and commented that ticks are definitely something they need to be aware of. The group also kindly gave LDUK a small donation in thanks to help continue our work of raising awareness of Lyme disease.

More recently, Julia was invited to present a #WakeUpToLyme awareness talk and Q&A for Lowe Maintenance Forestry & Land based Training. The session was also lived streamed on Facebook and was recorded for ongoing training for awareness and prevention of the disease. Thank you so much for inviting us. It was a great

Interested in an awareness talk?

Perhaps you’re a Scout leader or part of a First Aid organisation. Maybe you’re a part of a camping, walking or hiking group, or a school who are planning countryside outings for pupils. Are you a parenting group who promote health and safety amongst your families? Are you any organisation that loves and enjoys the countryside? If you think your group or organisation would benefit from one of our awareness talks, please get in touch by emailing and we will be glad to organise one for you. We can provide this online or possibly in-person, depending on the location.

Lyme disease is a preventable disease and knowledge is key.