Light up for Lyme 2022

Want to see your local landmark lit up in green for Lyme Disease Awareness Month? Please take part in #LightUpForLyme!

In May 2019 we had a total of 18 iconic landmarks light up across the UK for Lyme disease awareness. The Spinnaker Tower, The Tyne Bridge and Blackpool Tower, to name just a few! Let’s make our 2022 campaign even bigger and brighter, and let’s shine a light on Lyme disease!

Please contact your local landmark and ask if they can raise awareness of Lyme disease by lighting up in green during the month of May. See below for suggested text you can use when contacting places. This can be any sort of landmark that has the capacity to light up, such as towers, bridges, fountains, sporting stadiums, or theatres!

Once you’ve contacted your local landmarks, please send an email to to let us know, so we can keep track of events across the UK.

If you’re able to attend your landmark for the grand lighting up, please do as it’s a picture perfect opportunity! You can send your photos to the email above and we’ll share them on our social media channels! There’s nothing like an ocean of green to grab people’s attention and get them to #WakeUpToLyme!

Suggested text:

Dear [ insert name ]

May is Lyme disease awareness month. Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector borne disease in Northern Europe and is spread by the bite of an infected tick. Ticks are now endemic across the UK and as well as being found in woodland and heathlands, they have been found in urban parks and even some gardens. Lyme disease can be an insidious illness if not diagnosed and treated promptly, which often doesn’t happen due to lack of awareness of how to prevent it or what actions to take when bitten by a tick.

Every May Lyme Disease UK (Reg. charity no 1182212) carry out a month long #WakeUpToLyme campaign to raise awareness of Lyme disease and how to prevent it. During the 2019 campaign LDUK started a #LightUpForLyme event, asking locations throughout the UK to light up green for Lyme awareness. Venues that took part included the Spinnaker Tower, the Tyne Bridge, Blackpool Tower, Manchester and Leeds Town halls, Weymouth Pavilion, Ness Bridge in Inverness, and the Titan Crane in Glasgow to name but a few!

I am contacting you to see if [ insert venue name ] would like to join #LightUpForLyme 2022. Any locations that support this campaign will be featured on all LDUK’s media platforms and where possible LDUK members will be present at the light-up and try to engage local press.

If you would like any further information from Lyme Disease UK you can contact them by email at

Kind regards,

[ your name ]