Free Yoga Sessions for Lyme Patients

Lyme Disease UK are delighted to offer free online yoga sessions specifically for Lyme disease patients!

A huge thanks to yoga teacher and Lyme warrior, Helen Say, for generously donating her time and expertise to help our community. The first session took place on Monday 22nd November and will reoccur monthly.

The next session takes place on Monday 17th January 6pm.

Each session will last up to 40 minutes and will be based around the practice of Breathe and Restorative Yoga which uses blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps or cushions and objects you have at home.

The maximum capacity for each session is 100 and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. All ages and abilities are welcome and we’re looking forward to accepting participants from the UK, as well as from other countries around the world!

These sessions take place via Zoom. Use the details below to join:

Join Zoom Meeting
Passcode: 9ZTyjD

A little more about Helen

Helen has been teaching yoga for 14 years and in recent years has become a chronic Lyme sufferer.

During summer 2021 she found herself unable to walk due to thrombosis caused by Lyme from swollen knees, then chronic fatigue. She found the only yoga she could practice was Restorative Yoga. This practice focuses on calming the nervous systems, allowing you to deeply rest and be with yourself in a supportive and comfortable manner.

As a yoga lover and practitioner Helen is passionate about sharing what has helped her during her most vulnerable stages of Lyme disease, as well as what continues to help her today.