Online Seminar: The Psychological Impact of Lyme Disease with Daniel Segal

This event took place on Tuesday 19 October.

Daniel Segal, B.A. Psych, MSc Mental Health Counselling, COP, AMAP (New York only)

Daniel’s experience covers many things, including the brain’s neuroplasticity, processes, functions, and chemical makeup as well as our behaviours. Since qualifying, he has worked in a residential setting with patients experiencing mental health issues in New York and with at-risk teens in London. He has also been a clinical director and director of a counselling service in London, co-authored two papers published in scientific journals and has a private practice to help support individuals and couples with mental health issues.

For the last nine years, Daniel has been supporting people with chronic illnesses, many of which are considered ‘hidden’ conditions such as Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Daniel has worked in three different countries and has a successful international practice conducting online video consultations across Europe, America and the Middle East.

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