Online Seminar: An Evening with Dr J

Join us on Zoom for a free one hour seminar with Dr. Joseph G. Jemsek who will be sharing his extensive knowledge about Lyme Borreliosis and co-infections as well as handy self-help tips!

Date: Friday 30 July
Time: 7pm – 8pm
Location: Zoom

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Dr. Joseph G. Jemsek, known to many of his patients as “Dr J” is the namesake and founder of the Jemsek® Specialty Clinic. Located in the heart of Washington DC, the clinic provides top-quality care for those affected by Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses.

In 1983, early in his career and working in North Carolina, Dr. Jemsek diagnosed the first case in the state of HIV/AIDS. He dedicated the next two decades of his career to the care of these severely ill and marginalized patients.

In 2001, he began to see patients suffering from what would later be termed Lyme Borreliosis Complex (LBC).
Dr. Jemsek became increasingly intrigued by LBC’s complexities which led to his full dedication towards understanding and treating these often-marginalized patients. His clinic in Washington DC proudly serves patients from every US state and over a dozen countries.

As an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Jemsek has the distinction of being a key player in the twin epidemics of modern times, HIV/AIDS and Lyme Borreliosis Complex.

Please submit questions in advance to and we’ll ask as many as we can. This is a free event organised for patients, by patients but we also welcome healthcare professionals who would like to join us!

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