Online Seminar: Shame, Stigma, and “Unexplained” Symptoms

This online seminar with Katharine Cheston took place on Monday 12 July from 7pm to 8pm and was facilitated by Julia Knight, LDUK’s Press and Community Outreach Manager.

Download the slides from this presentation.

Katharine is a PhD researcher at the Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham University.
Her research, funded by the Wellcome Trust, focuses on experiences of illness that can be said to be ‘medically unexplained’. Katharine has an undergraduate degree in English and French from Durham University, and a Master’s in English Literature from the University of Oxford. She has previously volunteered for charities and organisations working with people living with complex, poorly-understood medical conditions. You can read more about Katharine in this blog: What happens when doctors don’t have all the answers?