Online Seminar: Robert Bransfield “Psychiatric Manifestations of Tick-Borne Infections”

This online seminar took place on Friday 12 March 2021 and was facilitated by Julia Knight, our Press & Community Outreach Manager. Dr Bransfield discussed Lyme disease and tick borne infections from a psychiatric perspective and how these illnesses affect brain chemistry.

Dr Bransfield’s primary activity is an office based private practice of psychiatry. He is the Associate Director of Psychiatry and Chairman of Psychiatric Quality Assurance at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, NJ, Past Immediate President of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, and Immediate President of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association.

Dr Bransfield has kindly shared his presentation with us, which is available for download here: Robert C Bransfield Chronic Neuropsychiatric Symptoms from Lyme/Tick-Borne Disease and COVID-19.