“Blue Monday” – We’re re-naming it “Baby News Monday”!

Since today is Blue Monday, we thought we’d brighten up the mood by publishing stories from three of our community members – Amy, Nicola and Faye.

In the depths of darkness during a battle with Lyme disease, it may seem as if you’ll never be able to achieve your lifelong dreams; but these stories show that there is always reason to have hope. In the words of Martin Luther-King, “Even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.” 

A battle with Lyme disease can make one’s dream of having children seem difficult but despite the challenges, these three incredibly strong and determined women dreamt of having a child and they are now living out their dream.

We thank them for sharing their stories of hope and fortitude with us on what’s dubbed to be ‘the most depressing day of the year’. 2021 has already been such a tough year on a global scale and stories like these are needed now more than ever.

Thank you to these amazing women for sharing their journey to motherhood.

Amy Caine

My illness started with migraines and new symptoms kept gradually appearing but it took a good year to connect it all to Lyme. After being told I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by my GP, I decided to get a private test for Lyme disease. I had finally found my answer a year down the line but unfortunately, by that point, the disease had taken hold.
Within two years of being bitten I was practically bed-ridden, having the worst time of my life. After no hope with the NHS, I took the decision to go to the USA for my treatment. After undergoing three years of heavy antibiotic and anti-malarial drugs, I eventually started feeling better.
I finally got married to my husband in 2019 after being engaged for so long as I had put it on hold due to being so unwell. It was the most amazing day and I finally felt like myself again. In December 2019, I felt the healthiest I’d been in a long time and I stopped treatment as I was in remission.
We had Evelyn on the 26th September 2020. Evie is coming up four months and she is happy and healthy and hitting all of her milestones. I am doing great too! I do of course still have to look after myself as well by eating well and I have to take things slower than regular people but I am still in remission and will do all I can to keep it that way.

Lyme will always be a part of my life but it doesn’t control it anymore. I want people to know that even though you can feel there is no end in sight and while there is no easy fix, eventually you can and will get better and you can do the things you dream of doing.

I always wanted to be a mum but at one point I felt so low as couldn’t even get out of bed so didn’t know how that could be possible. All my friends were getting married and having babies and I was stuck bedridden with Lyme but here I am married with my beautiful baby and I feel so lucky. I love my daughter so much.

Faye Hateley

Conscious of the risks of carrying a baby herself, Faye has recently found a surrogate who is carrying her biological baby and her much longed-for little one is due later this year!

Faye told the team at LDUK, “As most of us with Lyme disease know, ‘having a baby’ isn’t that easy! I wanted to share my happy news to encourage you all to keep going. After 16 years, many of which were spent completely bed and housebound, I am finally fulfilling a dream. It hasn’t been easy, falling ill overnight age 16.

Then having to sell our home and travel around the world in my wheelchair for treatment, pulling myself out of the darkest of days, taking one step forward and two back, but I am now hoping for a brighter future. Although Chronic Lyme still affects me every day, I am so grateful to be starting a new chapter.

Sometimes the journey isn’t straightforward, and surrogacy is challenging, but along the way I have met a lifelong friend who’s carrying my baby! As a single intended mummy, I never thought this would be possible. May my story bring you hope.”

Julie Seal

Julie has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl via IVF through an anonymous sperm donor, having spent the previous 10 years longing for a child, and she has also frozen five more of her eggs with view of giving Betsy a brother or sister. Julie says it’s the greatest thing she’s ever done and is so glad that she’s done it solo for many different reasons.

She told the team at LDUK, “I hope to send a message to women with chronic illnesses that it’s also possible to be a parent. Even if you don’t have a partner. I share lots about Lyme and my other health things, solo parenting and dog and daughter spam on my Instagram, @the_chronicoptimist where it’s full of just that – optimism. I’m lucky I’m in remission from Lyme (it was a long journey after 3-infections over 30+ years), and I’d love others to know there is not only hope, but also lots of happiness at the other end of the tunnel.”

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